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5110 Lesourdsville West Chester Rd., Hamilton, OH 45011

Prices for General Admission

*Cash and Credit Cards accepted.  Please no personal checks*

$35.00 Rental Package: 

$40.00 Rental Upgrade Package: 

$45.00 Rental Upgrade Package: 

Equipped Players:  $10.00 all-day field fee or FREE for season pass holders

Season Pass: $95.00 per person, Valid for FREE field fee each visit for one full year

All Day Compressed Air:  $6.00

CO2 Fills:


Only Field Paint Permitted at Paintball Country:

            Empire Marballizer Paintballs


Private Party & Group Outings: 

 Gift Certificates: Available for any amount

Food: Pizza, Nachos, and Drinks available on site

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